• Create and live in an intentional eco co-housing community which maximises the collective to create a better quality of life; financially & practically.
  • Create and live in an intentional eco co-housing community which maximises the collective to create a better quality of life; financially & practically.
  • Create homes with high environmental standards and lower bills.
  • Learn and use best practice from pre-existing successful co-housing models.
  • Progress quickly; keep it simple, start small, be adaptable and grow.
  • For Coral to showcase the financial, environmental and health benefits of community life, achieved through straightforward and simple design principles and financial models.



  • Location. Ideal location near Brighton & Hove or Lewes, but open to wider Sussex region.
  • Transport. Good public transport links.
  • Schools. Near good primary and secondary schools.

Design & Build

  • Eco-design. Using affordable, and where possible local, non-toxic, beautiful natural materials. Low ecological impact – using renewable energy sources.
  • Architecture. Well designed by professional architects who have experience of designing co-housing projects to enhance community life.
  • Homes. Up to 50 households each with their own front door, with a range of house/flat sizes and mixed tenure.
  • Space. Shared outdoor space/ garden/allotments.
  • Communal building. With kitchen/social space/guest room/connected to the wider local community/possibly some commercial space.


  • Intergenerational community – mixed age ranges.
  • Diverse group of people who want to contribute to the community.
  • Collaboratively managed.
  • Sharing resources – saving money and reducing environmental impact.
  • Regular shared meals.

The Project

Who are we?

We are a newly formed co-housing group, created by a range of individuals who share common principles and who bring expertise to the project, in areas such as; eco design, engineering and construction, research, community development, fundraising, charity and homelessness sector, arts, education, facilitation and training.

The story so far

The group started informally in 2017 and later joined together as a formed group of five families and committed to progressing quickly in 2018. We have been supported by the Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust and have been successful in securing funding to work with Bioregional on their One Planet Affordable Living (OPAL) process to develop our project. We are continuing to apply for further funding, look for sites to build on, develop our membership policy and financial plan.


What is our plan?

We have developed a three year plan which involves securing significant funding, finding a site to build on and partnering with an eco developer.

How will we finance & ownership work?

We are in partnership with an experienced eco developer to support the development of an investment model which can incorporate home owning mortgages, rental and social housing.

How will the community work?

Homes will be separate units, there will some shared land/garden and play area and a common house; which will have a shared kitchen and dining area and possibly guest rooms, meeting/office space and laundry facilities.
We are aiming for a simple community model – with the minimum amount of rules and process that allow us to live as harmoniously as possible. With everyone understanding that, if we all actively contribute to the community – the better it will be for all of us.

Please contact us for information and opportunities to get involved

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