Why co-housing

The problems: We are in the midst of a national housing crisis, with rising social inequality and the growing threat of climate change amid diminishing natural resources.

The solutions: An eco co-housing community will enable us to share resources, reducing waste and our carbon footprints. With a diverse, intergenerational community that contributes to social cohesion, reducing isolation and increasing health and well-being.

For more on cohousing see: cohousing.org.uk

Membership criteria

Align with Corals’ aims and vision.

Contribute useful skills or be open to learning and getting stuck in.

Participate in developing a co-housing community and be willing to contribute to living in a community.

Friendly! We all want to get on with each other and enjoy this process and make it as smooth and collaborative as possible. We are all different but share a common goal of living better together.

Opportunities to get involved

Please contact us to find out more about Coral Co-Housing and we’d be happy to meet you for an informal chat. We are currently looking for some new members to join our sub teams and are particularly looking for people who can attend regular meetings, contribute to tasks and it would be useful to have skills in the following areas: finance and fundraising, design and construction, engineering, knowledge or expertise in finance, eco-building, volunteer management, project management, community development, business development, housing and property.

Please contact us for information and opportunities to get involved

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